The best way to contact us with comments, suggestions or questions is by using the form below. If we need to respond, we will do so within 48 hours.

If you need help with Airline Service, Safety and Disability Complaints, here are three options for seeking help:

1. For airline-related cases : Click here for customer service complaints.
The same form can be used for disability and discrimination complaints. In every airline related case, you should register the complaint with the Department of Transportation (DOT). This way, all complaints are registered with DOT in their database, which is used to shape national rules and regulations.

2. Consumers with concerns about airline safety should call the Federal Aviation Administration toll-free at 1-866-TELL-FAA (1-866-835-5322). For additional information, go to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to report a safety-related travel problem.

3. If you are contacting us in regards to a customer service or billing problem encountered during travel, travelers can reach out to the country’s top travel ombudsman, Christopher Elliott, at

For all other inquiries or issues use this form (supporting documents can be uploaded as well):

You can also contact us directly via email or post.

Here’s our mailing address and contact information for the executives of Travelers United.

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(formerly Consumer Travel Alliance, Inc.)
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Email Addresses (please replace “AT” with “@”)
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