Here are some of the great companies we have already teamed up with for discounts:

BadgeLogo_A4                  TicketNetwork                Palms

MedJet                              SunAndSki

ParkRideFly(Square)                       AGonTop             Caesars

86866               logo-print 2           Target1


TommyHilfiger                     FromYouFlowers                    ncrowd

BookWorm             BeautyBar

Membership benefits ($20/year):
Travelers United is first and foremost an education and advocacy organization. We educate the public about travel rules and and offer the US government a consumer focused point of view as they debate issues that affect travelers. And, Travelers United strives to become an online platform where travelers help other travelers.


In addition, as Travelers United grows we will be incorporating additional member benefits including:

• A members-only newsletter. This newsletter will be sent out every two weeks and it will include an outline of the advocacy work being done on Capitol Hill. In this newsletter long term travel legislation will be discussed.

• Discounts for travel. Already a dozen travel companies (see above) have teamed up with Travelers United to offer discounts. As our organization membership grows, we will all be able to reap greater discounts from an ever-expanding group of travel providers. Discounts from many of these companies, listed below, are already in effect. Members will be provided with a member number which can activate many of these discounts.